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This webring is for all collectives. Style the links to fit your site. Just make sure that I can find them! :)



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Here's an example of code I used on my own collective!

<a href="" title="Previous Site" target="_blank">&lt;&lt;</a> &middot; <a href="" title="Collectives WebRing" target="_blank">Collectives WebRing</a> &middot; <a href="" title="Join Us!" target="_blank">&#8984;</a> &middot; <a href="" title="Random Site" target="_blank">??</a> &middot; <a href="" title="Next Site" target="_blank">&gt;&gt;</a>

And the results:

<< · Collectives WebRing · · ?? · >>



No information is collected or stored here beyond the list of sites themselves. This is for fun, not for profit.